Landlord Tenant Evictions in California

Tenant rights in Los Angeles California. If you are a California tenant and your landlord is in Foreclosure, your rental agreement or lease will become voided by the foreclosure. In most cases you may not even be aware that the landlord has defaulted on his/her mortgage obligation until late in the process when a Notice of Trustee's Sale is filed. Even though your landlord is in default on his/her loan, you are still required to pay the rent up until the Notice of Trustee's Sale is filed.

We are located in Los Angeles and have provided landlord tenant foreclosure eviction services to renters in Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County since 1986. However, since our expertise is in California tenant eviction law and procedures, we have expanded our tenant eviction services to those renters residing in all counties of California.

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30 Day Notice to Move -- Tenant Eviction Procedures

    Once the California property has been sold to a new owner or it has gone back to the lender, you will receive a 3-day notice to move. If you do not move out after the 30 days, an Unlawful Detainer action will be filed against you. There are very specific laws that must be adhered to in this process and many times the banks and new owners do not follow the procedure correctly.

    Unlawful Detainer Action Filed Against You

    If an Unlawful Detainer action is filed against you, EVICTION RESCUE can delay the tenant eviction, educate you on your los angeles tenant rights and get you the time you deserve to save money and find a new place to live - at a low cost. You are also entitled to your security deposit and we can help you get that back, too! If you suspect that your landlord is in the process of foreclosure and you fear that you may be facing tenant eviction from your apartment, rented home, townhome or other rental property, you should Contact our office right away.
  • We can tell you exactly what is going on with the property in question.
  • We can tell you whether or not the property is in default.
  • We can tell you how far into the foreclosure process the property is and explain what options are available to you.
  • **We offer this as a free service to you. All it takes is a phone call to our office.

Tenant Rights in Los Angeles California

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